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  • For Physicians & Patients
  • Precise Diagnostics Laboratory processes your specimens with state of the art technology. Staffed with experienced, board-certified pathologists, Precise Diagnostics Laboratory is committed to achieving the highest standard in patient care. Your physician has direct access to review and discuss all lab results with the pathologist who rendered the diagnosis.

  • At Precise Diagnostics Laboratory patient care and diagnostic integrity are top priority. We strive to offer prompt, comprehensive laboratory services and reliable pathology results. In addition to our already stringent quality control processes, we take the extra step with all cancerous or unusual diagnoses. These specimens are internally reviewed by a second pathologist. There are a small number of cases where we feel a third opinion is necessary. In these instances, we utilize the world renowned outside pathologists to confer on a final interpretation. If for any reason an additional opinion is requested, our pathologists are happy to send specimens to the institution of choice. We stand by our diagnoses but appreciate the need to exhaust all possible avenues to instill confidence and peace of mind in both patient and physician.